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Jun 04

Disneyland = Love

Jun 04

Love me some Johnny Depp!!!

Jun 24

Moving forward!

So this has been a difficult week for our family.  We had a dog we got right before Christmas from an acquaintance.  Every since she gave us the dog, she made me feel guilty by telling me she made a mistake & her son missed the dog, etc.  We rent & have an ok sized yard, but with a 40 lb dog….it seemed a bit small.  She needed room to run & we were also looking at possibly moving.  Finding a rental is tough for a family our size but even harder with a bigger dog.  So after painstakingly making a decision we thought would be best for the dog, we returned her to her first family with heavy hearts.

The next day I get a phone call from a friend to discover she immediately placed an ad on Craigslist to sell the dog.  She kept all the accessories we had bought the dog & is listing them separately for money as well.  I was sick to my stomach to find out!!  How could someone treat people like that.  They never wanted the dog back, they were just sorry they hadn’t gotten money from us for her.  I called her & told her we wanted her back & she of course had all sorts of excuses & had no idea how to contact the people that took her.  My family is just heartbroken & will never let our rental situation dictate a decision regarding a family member again!!  Painful lesson learned & it’s made me a little more hesitant in putting trust in people.

On top of the dog drama, my 2 older sons are finally leaving the nest.  It was time as one is 24 & the other almost 22.  I got kinda used to having them around & they were a huge help with our 4 young children.  It was adult conversation for me, in home childcare so my hubby & I could take a break & also 2 more cars for running errands or picking up kids.

I now will find myself stuck at home pretty much full-time, as we only have one car & my hubby works 20 mins away.  Taking the twins out is a difficult job with them being delayed & autistic.  It would be almost impossible for me to take them out by myself.  The almost 6 & 10 yr old will help when & how they can, but having extra adults with this group was a real blessing.

I’m proud of my sons & am happy they finally have the opportunity to enter the world on their own but I sure am gonna miss them!!

I titled this Moving forward……I can’t sit her & cry….I must stand tall, adjust & continue to move forward.  I accept the challenge but with a heavy heart.  To have 3 family members disappear all within a 2 week span is sad but also exciting to see how we all come out of this!

Sep 17

What a week….been missing in action on here…….is it time for a tall, cool drink??

Sep 08

What To Do!

Frustrated & Sad……how can a 9 yr old already be stressed about going to school.  First day of school & he has kids stomping on his feet because they don’t like his new shoes & teasing him because they think his backpack is stupid.  Hurtful, mean kids that is causing my child dislike school & his anxiety peak.  He’s already taking prozac for God’s sake……

We’re researching the possibility of home schooling him.  Even if he gets an educational diagnosis of autism, it will do NOTHING to change the way he gets treated by his classmates.

Sep 08

They say….


What do they say?  They say that stress as a parent is big and they are not lying.  Loren has a sinus infection and surgery to remove the tumor on his leg in 13 days.  Kody has strep, mono or a really bad virus.  And Kacy?  Well she has been having dizzy spells recently so we were off to the dr too.  And she had an EKG done a little while ago and tomorrow she is having fasting blood tests.  Yes, it is a life of ever ending excitement.  And stress.

Good Lord woman!! Did the kids decide to get sick because school started back up?? lol Let’s hope that Loren gets better quick, that Kody DOES NOT have mono….yikes! and that Kacy is just having blonde moments…….. No I kid…… Hopefully they can figure out what is going on with her!! Keep me updated….you know how I like to worry!! Oh…..and a BIG OL’ HUG from me to you!!
Sep 07

All these rapid weather changes are not good for a person. One my wardrobe is confused and my body…..well we won’t even talk about my body!!

Summer’s going out the same way it came in this year……Not on time, wet & cool.  Craziest weather year I’ve seen in a very long time!!

Sep 02

I’m just having a bad day…….need a drink or something……lol

Sep 02


Please don’t ask me to set up a Yahoo group & research & figure out how to do so & then have someone else come in & set one up!!!  What a wasted afternoon…….

Sep 01

I got an offer for a free 8x8 photo book from and I made it up today with pictures from our Disney trip. Including a visitor to our trip…..I wonder who that was.

(via llamannerdybandgeekymom)

Sweeeeeeetttttttt!!!! :D